Nyssa Police is calling those responsible for destroying over 30 headstones "scumbag cowards." According to KTVB, the 'extensive damage' to the headstones at Hilltop Memorial Cemetery was discovered this morning (5/03). Nyssa Police Chief Raymond Rau took to Facebook to share the incident:

The type of scumbag cowards who would destroy the memories of innocent people’s loved ones is one of the lowest forms of human beings and deserve to answer for their childish and irresponsible behavior.

Luckily-it seems- the loved ones of those who lost their lives won't be footing the bill. It turns out, the cemetery's insurance should cover the cost to replace the headstones. If you know anyone whose loved one had their headstone  ruined, call  (541) 216-8248 for more information. As far as the investigation? The Nyssa Police department will continue with their investigation, but if you have any information about this vandalism case, contact your local authorities.

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Credit: Aaron P. Bernstein / Stringer | Getty Images


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