Best Buy stores across America are pulling all CD's.  Yes, compact discs seem to be a thing of the past and yes, this applies to all Best Buy stores here in the Treasure Valley.  I get it.  I'm old and I love something tangible.  I hate the fact that most people now carry photos of their loved ones as some kind of digital image on their phone or that video games and dvd's are simply downloaded instead of living in that cool looking box that I'd store on my television shelf.

The big day is supposed to be July 1, 2018 and Best Buy is not the only store talking about this.  Target is rumored to be next on the CD hit list.  I think we all know why this is going down but let me put it into simple terms for you.  In 2001, 800 million CD's were sold.  In 2017, just 89 million CD's were sold.

Ask your kid if they want a CD for their birthday or Christmas.  Half of them don't even know what a CD is.  They probably know more about vinyl than they do a CD because vinyl's been making this retro comeback.  Doing live broadcasts as a deejay we used to give away lots of CD's.  People loved them.  Begged for them.  You had to watch them like a hawk or they'd disappear from the station table.  You can't hardly give them away now.  There's so many different options that are simple, inexpensive and easy to get your music, CD's are a thing of the past.

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