You might be wondering why I’m talking about having pizza parties today...

That’s because today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day! If you didn’t know, you do now, so treat yourself to your favorite pepperoni pizzas today.

Keep scrolling for some of the most recommended pizza spots in the Boise area 👇

National Today says...

"Pepperoni and pizza, a deliciously mouth-watering, gooey combo right out of pizza heaven! It’s something to consider on National Pepperoni Pizza Day, which is tossed up every September 20. Pizza might be most heavily associated with Italy, but the pepperoni pizza is purely American. Served on more than a third of American pizza orders, it’s safe to say that pepperoni is the U.S.’s favorite topping, and that’s a reason to celebrate.  So, today, get up to your local slice shop and get down with National Pepperoni Pizza Day!”

Whipping something up at home could be fun, too, but I like the idea of going into the city and trying pizza I’ve never had before — or better yet — letting the pizza come to you by ordering from your favorite places.

It’s pizza we’re talking about, so throw a party and have some fun!

One thing’s for sure, there isn’t a shortage of options in the Boise Area — there are A LOT of pizza places to choose from. Keep scrolling for some of the most recommended pizza spots in the Boise area 👇

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