This is the coolest of the cool with a technology that has us coming face to face with a great white and allows us to live through the eyes of sharks that have roamed the earth for millions of years.


Something like this has never been produced because it's so large.  We'll see shark models that have been cast from real sharks, some up to 370 million years old.  Incredible high definition underwater footage of not only the sharks themselves but the habitat they feed, sleep, and live in.


Sharks have always been one of the most fascinating animals to me on this earth.  From the fear to the beauty and how misunderstood they are.  I can't wait to jump into this and learn more about these creatures.  Hey, learning while you're having a really cool time... that's for me.


Planet Shark Predator or Prey kicks off tonight, June 10, 2017 and goes through September.  Click HERE for information and details.