Maybe you think the Discovery Center of Idaho is just for kids.  Maybe you think you’ve learned everything you need to know.  Maybe you’re like me and had a blast taking your kids to the Discovery Center, wanted to touch and play with the stuff there but people gave you dirty looks when you pushed an 8-year-old out of the way. Good news!  The Discovery Center is hosting a night just for adults, where you can look, touch and play with everything while you have an adult beverage in your hand.   

The next Discovery Center of Idaho Adult Night is happening on Friday night starting at 7pm, where you will have full access to all the exhibits including the dinosaurs!  You can even grab that drink and interact with a dinosaur in its natural habitat thanks to Virtual Reality.  Big Jud’s Food Truck will be there for massive burgers and you’ll be able to learn about fossil fuels, climate change and gold mining. 

Besides all of that, it will help you relieve stress and make you feel younger.  Grab a date, grab a drink, and hang out with Tinker the Dinosaur.  All the info is HERE.