There's a lot of people that end up on my SCUM OF THE EARTH list and rapist definitely qualify.  36-year-old Joshua A. Hays of Nampa, Idaho has been charged with rape and burglary.

It was around midnight on July 31st.  This guy walked through an unlocked door at a residence near West Roosevelt Avenue and Midland Boulevard and attacked a woman who was sleeping in her bed.

Investigators are concerned Hays has done this multiple times because of certain clues they've found.  They say he was bold, experienced, and left other disturbing evidence not released to the public that leads them to believe he's raped many times before.  And probably right here in our area.  This is where the Nampa Police are asking for help from the public.  Hays can only be held accountable for all he's done if his victims step forward.

It's a difficult thing for a woman to speak out in these situations.  I don't pretend to understand any of how they're feeling or what they're going through.  With that said, know this.  By stepping forward, you will save another young woman from the same fate.  You'll never know her name, her identity, or what it means to her.  She won't even know.  But your courage WILL make a difference!