I swear these things happen to everyone but me.  According to the Idaho Statesman, Jerrit Elmer of Pocatello, Idaho went to the Eastern Idaho Fair last week with his family.  One of Elmer's traditions at the fair every year is to stop by the Idaho Lottery event trailer and buy some tickets.  This year was no different.  Uhhh, no, wait, maybe it was a little different.  Like $200,000 different!  Yeah.  Jerrit walked out of the fair with the largest amount of money ever won by anyone at any fair in the state of Idaho.

Here's a quote from Jerrit...

I couldn’t wait. Playing the Lottery at the Fair is a family tradition, it’s what we always do.  I bought a Bronco pack for my dad, then some tickets for us. I had some winners and went back to the booth, cashed them, and spent a little more and got the ticket.

That's when he hit it big.  Jerrit Elmer scratched off his ticket and couldn't believe what he was seeing.  Was this really real?  Do those numbers say $200,000?  It can't be.  But it was.  And now Jerrit and his family have life-changing money that will help them remodel their home in Pocatello, pay off debt, and get a new, fresh start on life.

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