Eyesore? Or barely notice it?

According to KTVB, a lot of Boise residents are angry about a new cell phone tower that was recently built in Garden City, calling it an "eyesore."

Residents claim they're upset about the lack of communication from the city notifying them about the tower on Mountain View Drive.

Officials say that the did, in fact, do what they could to notify residents. According to KTVB, "this has been in the works since January."

The director of Garden City Development Services, Jenah Thornborrow, told KTVB:

 the city did everything they were supposed to do and more. They are required to notify folks who live within a 300-foot radius of the property where the cell tower was built. In addition to what's required, she says the city posted the notice on its website, it went out in the Garden City newsletter and notice was published in the newspaper.