You run them over with your car every stinkin' day. Don't you wish you could do something about it? Now you can.

Yes, 'Pothole Days' is a real thing in Boise. It's the time of year when ACHD asks for our help in locating (and eventually repairing) Boise's most treacherous potholes. ACHD spokesperson Nicole DuBois elaborates:

It's an opportunity for the public to let us know where those pesky potholes are located,” DuBois said. “We have thousands of lane miles to maintain and it's very difficult for us to be everywhere at all times so we really rely on the public.

If you locate a nasty pothole, hit up ACHD's website and let them know. While traffic (pun very much intended) for them will be high this time of year, they will get it handled asap:

Generally, we have a 24-hour response rate on potholes, but because of this event we expect a lot of phone calls and emails from people letting us know,” DuBois said. “It could take a little bit longer and it is kind of weather permitting thing as well.

Thing to know: ACHD is looking for potholes on local roads. So private driveways and parking lots don't count.

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