And yeah, we know. With the weather being as crazy as its been lately, the roads a mess, and having to figure out what to do with your kids with all the school cancellations, the last thing we all need is a power outage.

Unfortunately, as of late they've been a very inconvenient reality for many in the area.  On Friday morning at about 2 AM, about 5000 customers were left without power in eastern Oregon and western Idaho.  Then later, a downed power line knocked out power for many in the Emmett area.

So what can you do to be prepared for an outage?  Well, Idaho Power recommends you keep the following items in your home:

- Food that doesn't need to be cooked. Jerky, dried fruit, etc.

- Extra blankets

- Items that can provide light. Flashlights, matches, candles, etc.

- Batteries

- Bottled water

Idaho Power spokeswoman Julie Stutts says, "keeping those things together will help you withstand a lengthier outage and also keep you safe in case it did extend longer that we expected."

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