Depending on who you talk to, people are very touchy about too many Californians moving into our beloved Treasure Valley.  Regardless, families, businesses, and people keep on coming and Boise just keeps on growing.  This new move for the big-time company called 'Greenbriar Capitol Corp' based out of Newport Beach is planting their headquarters right here in Boise, Idaho.

According to KTVB, Greenbriar Capital Corp. is a developer of sustainable real estate and renewable energy projects around the world.  Their technology is artificial intelligence based and test sites around the world to allow farmers to go to the website and in real time interact with his fields, his crops and change all of the inputs necessary, water, the mist.

So why Boise?  It turns out the Chairman of the Board for Greenbriar Capital Corp, Daniel Kunz, is a Boise guy.  He graduated from BSU and has lived in Boise for 40 years.  Kunz knows how great Boise is. Not just for business with all the farming we already have, but also for the lifestyle which attracts better people.  Speaking of attracting better people, Kunz says this move could open up hundreds of good paying jobs for the people in the Boise area.

No word yet on exactly when the move will take place or where Greenbriar's headquarters will be located.


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