If you're headed to McCall to celebrate July 4th - don't plan on doin' any drinkin'!
Booze is banned again this year for the weekend and holiday! Uh...sorta.

Okay, hold on....that may not totally be accurate. What IS accurate, is that booze is banned in the lakefront parks from July 1st (Saturday) until July 5th. The city of McCall hasn't gone totally dry. This year they will allow alcohol in Gold Glove and other non-lakefront parks. According to the Boise Weekly, North Beach will stay dry, but they do say that boats will be allowed on a 150-foot stretch of the beach.

Apparently, officials aren't trying to kill the spirit of the holiday, they just want to keep things under control. Seems a lot of the permanent residents feel like their town was being "lost" to people who were there just for the weekend and were taking over.

Not everyone in McCall is happy about it. Some of the bars and restaurants say they lost business last year because of the ban. The new take on the rules may help alleviate that some.

Either way, don't plan on drinking if you're gonna hang out at the lakefront parks. Keep it to private property and those areas of McCall where it's okay.

Have a safe and happy 4th no matter WHERE you celebrate!

SOURCE: Boise Weekly

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