You will no longer see puppies being sold outside Cabela's in Boise after a parvo outbreak has left one dog dead. 

Dog breeders have been banned from setting up shop in the popular parking lot at Milwaukee and Franklin.

If you don't know much about parvo, it's a deadly gastrointestinal disease that makes these poor dogs vomit and have diarrhea so bad that they eventually die due to dehydration.

Tyler Holden's story is a sad one. He told KTVB that he bought a Yorkie/Pomeranian mix puppy for $600 from a breeder selling puppies in that parking lot on April 6th.

He says,

My wife fell in love at first sight and I just couldn't say no to that.

Being that it was an impulsive decision, Tyler admits he didn't get the paperwork he should have that documented if the puppy had been vaccinated properly.

He took the puppy home, named her Luna, and a week later she died. A veterinarian told Tyler the puppy had parvo.

Tyler says he went back and confronted the breeder who played dumb. It's quite possible that the other puppies the breeder was selling had been exposed to parvo as well, but he kept on selling puppies.

The incident is what led to Cabela's putting a ban on breeders in their parking lot.

If you bought a puppy from the Cabela's parking lot within the last few weeks you may want to get the dog checked out at the vet just to make sure it's ok.






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