We made it to the weekend! And what better way spend it than by having some much-needed fun with our dogs?

Here’s a list of some fun and easy, indoor, and outdoor things we can do with our dogs this weekend (or anytime) — but especially with how cold it’s been getting, and with how cold it’s going to get — we should definitely take advantage of every moment we can outside with them.

I think it’s safe to say most Idahoans have dogs. It would appear for me personally like almost every person I talk to has at least one dog, but almost more commonly they have multiple dogs. So, that means many of us have awesome furry, four-legged friends who have been patiently waiting all week for the weekend to come so they can spend more time with us.

How cool is that? When you look at it that way, doesn’t it just melt your heart? They wait so patiently just to be excited to provide us with unconditional love and comfort. I know when I get home today, I’m going to be greeted by excited, loving, and tail-wagging little friends who are stoked to spend the weekend with me.

Whether you’d like to get out with your dog or simply enjoy just being with your dog at home and cuddling them while you watch your favorite shows and movies... remember to embrace your pups this weekend. Here’s some fun, creative, and easy things that we can do (indoor or outdoor) with our favorite weekend companions 👇

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