This cute little Corgi-Mix was found in a stolen car on Nevada Street in Gooding, Idaho.  Nobody has stepped forward to claim her and she needs a home.

The Police are giving us very little details on the car theft or situation surrounding this puppy but we do know a couple of things.  If, and when an owner steps forward to claim this cute little girl... they'll have some explaining to do.

Facebookers on the Boise Bench Dwellers site are speculating on what to do if the doggy doesn't belong to the owner of the car or maybe it's worse if the dog does because that person most likely will be doing some jail time and not be there to support the needs of this little puppy.

Regardless, the Gooding Dog Pound is looking for an owner.  If interested or you have any information please contact Mike at the Gooding Animal Shelter at 208-961-6005.

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