Don't go outside unless you absolutely have to. We have a Purple air quality warning in effect. Here's what that means. 

It may look like a cloudy, hazy day outside, but don't be fooled. Smoke from several fires in our region continues to push smoke into the Treasure Valley. Those smoky skies have made for "very unhealthy" air particularly in Ada County where a Purple air quality alert is expected to last until at least 10 a.m. tomorrow morning and we should be prepared for this very unhealthy air to last 24-48 hours.


Canyon County's air quality is a little better than Ada County, but a "Red Air Quality" alert is in effect there, so again not great air.


Essentially what does all this mean? You should avoid prolonged time outside or heavy exertion particularly if you have heart or lung disease, are a child, or you are an older adult.


Even if you aren't high risk, you should avoid spending a lot of time outdoors right now.

According to KTVB,outdoor recess, sports, and outdoor after-school activities have been cancelled in Boise, West Ada, and Nampa school districts.


Temperatures remaining in the 90's and no chance of rain in the forecast won't help our situation, so bottom line stay indoors unless you absolutely have to go outside.

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