UGGGHHHH SNOOOOW! It's back, and thank goodness it's not as bad as last year. Unfortunately the four inches or so we got hit with this morning did cause some issues. According to KTVB, emergency crews responded to about 80 crashes, 20 slide-offs, and 30 stalled vehicles. Not to mention all the work you've now gotta do around the house. The wiping off the snow from the cars, turning them on 20 minutes before you head out, and the much anticipated snow shoveling. Gotta make sure those driveways and sidewalks look good!

But what if you're just not into that? Maybe you're more the type to just let the snow do it's own thing. Or you have someone else do it? Here's where you find out what snow removal personality you have! Are you the perfectionist that checks your weather app and sets out the shovel? The mediocre shoveler that gets to it eventually? Or, do you have your offspring earn their keep? Take the quiz below to find out.


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