This is the face of an Oregon man who attempted to have his dog attack another person simply for being black.

While leaving church in Portland, Oregon in September 2017, a gentleman was approached by a pitbull which was not on a leash. The dog's owner, 41 year old Mathu Karcher, instructed the dog to "get 'em." Fortunately, the animal didn't harm the innocent man, but the altercation didn't end there.

Karcher then told the gentleman that he was " the wrong neighborhood," referring to the fact that the man happened to be African American. Karcher then followed the man into a store while spewing racial slurs, threatened to attack him, when the store owners had him thrown out. Police arrived at the scene shortly thereafter and arrested Karcher. There's more to the story, and you can get the follow-up here.

Now it's my turn. How is it, that in 2018, I'm asking how in the hell people like this still even exist? Are you really so bothered by the color of someone's skin that you're going to attempt to forcefully have your dog attack them? You're such a coward that you couldn't even attack an (innocent) person yourself so you had your puppy do it? This is one of the most pathetic acts I've ever heard of.

This is the worst kind of human. Racist, bias, hateful, cowardly, feeble. Let's hope that one day we'll have to explain to our kids what a racist is, because they'll have a hard time finding one. Oh, full transparency, in court Karcher said that he's "not a racist."

Also, I'm happy to report the dog (who's a GOOD BOY for not following its master's bastardly orders to attack) no longer belongs to Karcher.


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