Hopefully, you enjoyed that gorgeous Saturday we had here in the Treasure Valley because it's gone.  And it's not coming back for a while.  Sunday has been nothing but cloudy, rainy, some wind at times, lightning, and thunderstorms.  Okay, so I'll lock myself in for the day and hopefully, things will be better tomorrow right?  Wrong!

Heavy rains with thunderstorms possible will be hitting different areas of the Treasure Valley over the next three days.  We may get a little break on Wednesday and Thursday and then clouds with rain and possible thunderstorms will work their way right back into our beautiful Spring here in Idaho.

Kody Wilson's Treasure Valley Weather HQ gives a lot of great updated information with pictures and details of exactly what's happening here in the Boise area.

Some areas of Idaho have been getting a little more than their share of rain, wind, and lightning.  They're getting hail.  With all that said, NO tornadoes have been reported.  There was talk of possible small tornado conditions in parts of Idaho last week but the odds of that happening were very small and so far, it seems as if we will not be seeing any twisters.

If you have outside activities planned this week, dress warm and check weather conditions to make sure your activities have not been canceled.

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