How do you feel about getting some more snow (or rain) today or tomorrow? Or possibly this weekend? Getting more rain/snow is definitely a possibility.

Idaho News CBS2 reported earlier in the week, “Keep your scraper handy this morning, frost is expected with a mix of sun and clouds. The pattern will remain active for Idaho this week. However, we won't see our next chance of rain/snow showers until Thursday.”

Well, today is Thursday! According to their reports, it’s not looking like we’ll have a lot of snow in the Valley, but definitely in the mountains. However, there’s the possibility of increased ice and frost and fog.

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They go on to say, “Between now and then, we'll likely see some night and morning low clouds and fog along with chilly temperatures. Overnight lows will drop into the 20's. Daytime highs will reach the mid 30's. Look for some sunshine Monday afternoon. We'll see a few more clouds on Tuesday. Then, mostly cloudy skies are expected on Wednesday in advance of a storm that should bring showers on Thursday.”

It’s definitely been cloudier, and on my commutes to and from Boise and Kuna, I’ve for sure been noticing the fog and low clouds. So far, everything they’ve said would happen has been happening, so I guess we’ll see if this leads to more snow or showers this week or weekend.

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