This is an an annual event in the fall, you will see a ton of people out raking up leaves on the same day for a good cause.

Rake up Boise is happening on November 9th. Each year, over 700 yards are raked and winterized for our senior and disabled neighbors who cannot perform the work themselves. Teams are involved in this and you had to have your team in by October 19th and also your request as a recipient. You may know someone who has a team though that you can join.

NeighborWorks Boise for 31 years is the one who helps organize this special event. If you check out their Facebook page you find out that 4 million pounds of biodegradable leaf bags get composted and used in many city and county sites. That is 2,000 tons of waste that never makes it to the landfill but instead used as mulch.

Yes the deadline for both team and recipients has passed but if you know someone who is need keep this in mind for next year and still reach out for this year just in case.

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