Teach your dog to stay clear of rattlesnakes! It may save its life this summer!

The Treasure Valley is rattlesnake country. There's a lot of high desert and rocky areas that are prime habitat for this venomous reptile. It's not uncommon to encounter one on the trails near Boise and surrounding areas.

Dogs that haven't been trained to avoid rattlesnakes are at risk, which is why there is a special day of training to help them, and you, learn about staying clear of rattlesnakes.

Here are the details:

Sunday~June 11
10:00am - 2:00pm
Veterans Memorial Park
Boise, ID
Pre-Registered dogs:  $50  (sign up here)
Walkups:  $60

Your dog will learn to avoid rattlesnakes by:
Sight - Scent - and Sound

All breeds of dogs 6 months or older are accepted for the aversion training.

In partnership with:
Idaho Fish & Game's Trap Awareness Seminar
Idaho Veterinary Hospital's Rattlesnake Vaccine for Dogs

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