We're just weeks away from STIL (Sweetest Things In Life) opening up in downtown Boise.  So I can get my ice cream and alcohol together?  Why yes you can.


The announcement's been out for awhile now but we're just learning that we're just weeks away from this new little ice cream shop that will change everything.



STIL will open up at 786 West Broad Street sometime in early June.  It'll be right between Caffe D'arte and Edwards 9 Cinemas.  Yes, that's where the Snake River Winery used to be.  If you know that... you can find STIL.


What a great way to end a date night.  You get that sweet little dessert with a little night cap all in one.  And, I don't know, seems like something cool and different to me.  Dinner and a movie gets boooooorrring!  Can't wait to try this place out.


Here's what you can find on the STIL menu...


▪ The Usual: Chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, etc.

▪ The Unusual: Mexican chocolate or cookie dough peanut butter, for example. “Mascarpone and balsamic fig, that’s a flavor,” Allen adds. “We also have sweet tea ice cream.”

▪ The Kitchen: Inspired by baked goods. Think huckleberry cobbler or fudge brownie ice cream.

▪ The Bar: Alcohol-related flavors. Check out the baseball-themed Field of Dreams: “It’s like a butterscotch-base ice cream, and then we incorporate amber ale and Cracker Jacks,” Allen says.

▪ The Garden: Non-dairy and vegan options. “Avocado lime, cucumber mint — flavors like that,” he says.

▪ The Lab: “The lab is for our wacky experiments,” Allen says. “We want to invite people to come up with ideas and submit those ideas and kind of test them out.” Orange Crush/Fruity Pebbles action, for example.