The autopsy for this dead baby girl found in a parked car in Caldwell on Saturday is being pushed back.


The Canyon County Coroner's Office is expected to do a very detailed, in depth autopsy on Tuesday morning.  It was supposed to happen today but conflicts with schedules have pushed things back.  One thing is for sure... investigators want to get this right.  There's no room for error here and every piece of evidence and every clue is important.


Caldwell Police are investigating but they're waiting for the autopsy.  Crucial information should be revealed that'll help with the investigation.


Rumors have been flying as to who's involved, how the girl died, how long the car was there with the windows rolled up, etc, etc.  Bottom line is this... let our professionals do their job and the rest of us as a community should mourn the loss of a beautiful, innocent child who was part of our Treasure Valley family.


Without jumping to conclusions on what or why, please take this tragedy as a warning and go above and beyond to keep your kids safe.  These are stories that are unnecessary and heart breaking.  Imagine if it was your child.  I'm not saying imagine if you did this to your child.  I'm saying, imagine if some unfortunate set of circumstances put your child in this position and you had to come home every night to an empty crib.  The thought is too hard to bear.  Please keep your kids safe!

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