The number is shocking. The "100 Deadliest Days of Summer" have lived up to the title. 

93 people have died on Idaho's roads since Memorial Day.

Officers will be working overtime this Labor Day weekend to try and catch impaired drivers which should, in turn, make for safer roads.

According to the drivers suspected of driving intoxicated will be subject to a search warrant and issued a blood draw if they refuse the breathalyzer. Prosecutors will be standing by, ready to go, to issue those warrants.

This is being taken so seriously that they are highly recommending that anyone who drinks alcohol, even just a little bit, gets a sober driver.

It may be smart to even get the app SaferRide which will call a taxi or a predetermined friend to pick you up.

Take your friend's keys away if they are trying to drive impaired and plan ahead so you can get home safely.

Lets set a goal as a community to not have one single person die on Idaho's roads this Labor Day weekend.