Stanley, Idaho is often named one of the best places in Idaho to visit and for good reason. I have camped in the Sawtooth mountains area a few times and cant wait to go back for anther stay. Even though this one is a bit out of my price range it is fun to look at and enjoy dreaming. Airbnb Idaho provides incredible one of a kind staycations and this one had to be shown off.

Named "The Ultimate Lodge in the Sawtooth Mountains" this Airbnb rental is for the entire lodge including all of the amenities and surrounding area. It is like temporarily owning your own private resort. Perfect for a wedding, family reunion or big work retreat. The rental includes: 18 suite guest rooms, Commercial Kitchen, a Hot Spring fed Pool and Hot Tub, Par 3 golf hole, Horseshoes, Volleyball and Tennis Court, Hiking and mtn biking trails, 2 private lakes and river access w canoe, paddle boards, etc.

The listing says it was "Originally homesteaded by Herman Coors of the Coors Brewing Company, the Lazy H Ranch and Hot Springs located in Atlanta Idaho is heaven on earth. The property is approximately 95 miles from Boise (3 hour drive) or 350 miles from from Salt Lake City (6.5 hour drive). The property has a 4000' private runway for those wishing to fly into or out of the property (please inquire for recommended flight companies)."

It comes for a pretty penny but that is to be expected when you are renting out the whole massive place and property. $2,500 per night. There are 2 reviews both with full stars:

Gina says, "This place is an absolute paradise. My wedding was such a success- I couldn’t have asked for anything better and all of the guests were breath-taken by the scenery. We got on the lake with paddle boats, walked to the Chattanooga Hot Spring, fished, swam in the pool, rode our RZRs on all of the trails, cooked s’mores in the fire pit, fed/pet horses and cows, saw the Milky Way and got married at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains. I hope to come back again!"

Monique said, "The house is very spacious and the rooms are comfortable and cozy. Our highlight was the natural hot springs pool and we enjoyed stargazing from the hot tub at night. There is so much to do ( Tennis, Volleyball, exploring the property, etc.), you never get bored."

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