Woah.......now this is some pretty scary stuff.  With the weather getting warmer, we're all gonna wanna start getting outside more.  That's one of the joys of living in Idaho right? But for Lexi Crawford, a Treasure Valley resident, a Table Rock hike wound up being a nightmare after she was reportedly attacked.

According to Crawford, she was on her was down from hiking up at Table Rock when she says men had been following her.  Crawford goes on to say, "When I opened my car door, they attacked me.  I believe they wanted my wallet but I fought back and this was the end result."

Crawford posted pics of her bruises on social media and also says that she suffered a concussion as a result of the attack.

Now Crawford is adamant about getting the word out about the dangers of hiking alone.  "I don't think this was their first time or their last," Crawford says. "So please go up to Table Rock in groups, don't go alone."