Life ain't always beautiful.  Words from the great Gary Allan and words that 14-year-old Brody Peterson of Boise knows all too well.  Brody's a strong, beautiful young man who just needs a break.

He recently has moved here to Boise from the Salt Lake City area where he was living with his mother who has unfortunately made some bad decisions in life and is now living in her car.  The car is obviously no place to raise a 14-year-old boy so Brody's made his way to here, in the Treasure Valley where his grandmother has taken him in.

Brody has suffered stress, anxiety, and depression, all so severely that he is often physically sick.  He struggles socially and rarely cracks a smile.  Through counseling Brody's family have found that he's been seriously abused emotionally and has thought of suicide as an option.

To imagine at 14-years-old seeing no hope, no love, nothing to live for, it just breaks my heart.  We cannot allow this kid to slip through the cracks and become another statistic.  Another story that we all look back on and wish we would've done something.

Brody's Aunt Nikki feels anything positive in his life could possibly spark him knowing that life can be beautiful.  That some people are good and some people care.  And maybe, just maybe he can do something good and actually look forward to living life and learning to love and make a difference in this crazy world.  Check out what we did for Brody in the video below.



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