Just yesterday (May 14), Runaway June shared on their Twitter account that one of the members of their band was leaving to focus on family. They shared the message as a band that Hannah would be leaving the group to focus her time on being with her husband and family in California. So the two remaining members of Runaway June, Naomi and Jennifer, came on The Bobby Bones Show to reveal the new member taking Hannah's vocal role in the group.

Naomi and Jennifer announced that Natalie Stovall is the newest member of their group and will take Hannah's place. They shared that Hannah's decision to leave is one that they "totally cosign and support." They are just as happy about adding Stovall to their group. When Bobby Bones asked if they considered leaving Runaway June a duo, they said definitely. But, they ultimately decided to have someone join them that would make them better and the only person that could fill that role would be Stovall.

Stovall was with Naomi and Jennifer during the virtual interview and shared that she's just as excited to become part of Runaway June. She said at first the ask really came out of left field and it took her awhile to come to terms with the idea, but after she did she couldn't contain her excitement. And for all Stovall fans curious about her new role, she shared that she will definitely still be playing the fiddle.

Now that the news is out about their new addition and they've all been appropriately quarantined for weeks, they just started to talk about the next record to come in the near future as well as the Christmas album they will be putting out in winter.