With the tragedy at the state fair in Ohio on Wednesday, safety is top-of-mind.

A Utah state fair ride malfunctioned on Wednesday, killing one and injuring several others.

With that tragedy, fairs around the country are taking an extra good look at the safety of their rides, including right here in the Treasure Valley.

KTVB spoke to Danny Brown, owner of Brown's Amusements, the company contracted by the Canyon County Fair.

He told KTVB that the staff examines the rides thoroughly about twice a day before opening and while the carnival is running.

That's good news if you were feeling a bit weary to ride after the tragedy. Brown also said: "If they hear something different they know it, and we can take care of it, we carry our own shop, our own tools, our own supplies, we can repair things if something needs to be repaired.”

If you see or hear something that you feel just isn't right, let ride attendants know...better to be safe than sorry.