People may say it as a punchline, but has research actually proven that drivers in the Gem State are terrible behind the wheel?

According to QuoteWizard, they indeed are. QuoteWizard is a site for comparing car insurance, which means they have a ton of data when it comes to insurance claims. They compiled a list of every state's amoung of DUI's, speeding tickets, traffic accidents, and even traffic fatalities. Idaho didn't do so well. How bad?

9th. Idaho has the 9th-worst drivers out of all 50 states. Even worse, we dropped from 14th place last year. Our neighbors in California were 1st, and Utah was 3rd.

If you've been in Boise for more than five minutes, you can attest to the fact that California absolutely deserves to be at the top of this list. For the icing on the cake, QuoteWizard says five of the ten worst cities for driving are in California.

Maybe being 9th isn't so bad after all. You can see the full results of the study here.

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