It used to be just handicap parking up front but now we're starting to see 'Expectant Mothers' spots and yes, 'Senior Citizens' spots available for those who are getting up there in age and can't move so well.

A couple of years ago I wrote about almost getting into a fight with some guy that parked his rig into the 'Expectant Mothers' stall.  Don't worry, it was just a verbal altercation but it got my blood boiling watching this man take advantage of this open spot because he thought he was too important to have to walk a few extra feet.

The situation I just saw still has my jaw sitting on the ground.  I was so shocked that I just froze.  No pictures, no videos, only a memory, and a story.

I'm in Salt Lake City visiting my kids and I stopped off at Smiths (which is the big grocery store in SLC) to get some chicken wings and a few other items.  I get out of my car, hear some yelling going on, and see two old women throwing their grocery bags at each other.  I mean they went full-blown ballistic on each other.  There was blood and bruising.  One lady started pulling the other's hair and about 10 people jumped in and stopped these shenanigans within seconds.  What were they fighting about?  A parking spot.  Yeah.  One lady felt she had more of a right to park in the 'Senior Citizens' parking spot because she was older.  The other woman told her to shut up and that she's crazy.  That's when bags started flying.

I'm all for these specialized stalls to help those in need but man, it seems like there's a lot of drama surrounding these things.  I personally love when these stores think about people and attempt to integrate a system that makes things more convenient and comfortable for everyone.  With that said... WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST SEE???

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