61-year-old Johnathan Pugh just pleaded guilty to the Fifth District Court of shooting accidentally shooting his daughter in the head which ultimately took her life.  According to KTVB, Pugh's story is as follows.

On May 9th of 2018, Pugh had reunited with his daughter, 36-year-old Malani Lang.  Lang came to Pugh's saddle shop where the two of them started drinking lots of alcohol and smoking marijuana.  Eventually, the subject of Lang being put up for adoption came up and the two started arguing.  The argument escalated into an emotional drama filled shouting match that ended with Pugh grabbing a gun that was in the shop, putting it to his head, and threatening to pull the trigger.

Pugh says the gun accidentally went off hitting his daughter in the head.  She was immediately flown to the hospital where she unfortunately died.  Pugh will be officially sentenced on January 10th of 2019.

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