The future is already here. Is it coming to the Gem State next? All signs point to "possibly."

Currently, Idaho does not allow the operation of automated vehicles on the roads. In fact, they've never even had a meeting on if they should or not. Hense the formation of the Idaho Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Testing and Deployment committee. Yes, that's really what it's called. Yes, we're fully aware it sounds like something out of an Avengers movie.

The IACVTD (god, it's STILL long) is currently meeting to see if Idaho should allow self-driving vehicles on her roads. Being that there have been some headline-catching accidents involving self-driving cars as of late, it's anyone's guess when Idaho will get on the robo-train.

An AAA survey says that 75% of Americans are afraid to be driven in a self-driving vehicle. So, will Idaho be the next state to permit fully-automated cars on her road? Only time will tell.

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