Enjoy the drizzle we've been getting over the past 24 hours or so because that drizzle is about to turn into heavy rain and then possible thunderstorms.

Temperatures are warmer than we've had for a long time here today with highs getting close to 70 degrees.  That warm temperature won't last long and the cooling air coming in is just the trigger all these cloudy skies need to dump on us.  The cold front shouldn't hit until Saturday morning so most of the rain we get today may be on and off and just scattered showers.

Once the rain really starts hitting tomorrow there may even be some thunderstorms.  Channel 2's Chief Meteorologist Roland Steadham says the likelihood of thunderstorms will be best in western Idaho but most of the state could see their share of some major Spring time storming.

Temperatures overall seem very moderate and the cloudy skies with rain should go through Sunday eventually breaking for some sunshine to kick off our week on Monday.

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