This is an experience you need to check out. Have you heard of Silver Fox Yurt up near McCall?

There is an Idaho Yurt system that is really cool but this is a privately owned yurt up near McCall and I really recommend going this route. Jeff & Deirdre have this amazing place, with awesome views and peaceful and fun surroundings. There is a lot of recreation in this area during all seasons. For winter this was truly a winter wonderland.

They title this yurt, " Where the mountains meet the moon", and that says it all. Who wouldn't want to go check this place out? it's affordable and breathtaking to be isolated up in the Idaho mountains. Jeff and hos family have everything laid out for you in a multiple page detailed guide. Any questions you have will be answered right there.

Just a short drive off of Hwy 55 has you at the start of a snow covered trail in the winter and in summer you can drive right up near the yurt. They even have Christmas lights on the yurt on a timer! 



The yurt is rent able pretty much all year long, and is even more accessible via vehicle in the summer. Lot's of recreation around as well! Plus you couldn't find a cuter decorated yurt around.

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