At first I thought it was the hair removal process of threading, but it's not. It's a beauty trend that is gaining major popularity.

Threading is a nonsurgical treatment, essentially, is passing threads through your skin to help tighten the skin and give it a lift. Before the only was through surgery really. It's fascinating to me how many new additions to cosmetic treatments have come around. This process also helps with collagen restoration.

I recently had started inquiring about how to even my lips out, did I need fillers or maybe a little Botox to help with the one uneven side? I didn't want a look like I had just had duck lips and the Kardashian lips, I just wanted my natural curve to be defined and my lips evened out. Both of those things can help but I was told by my friend Carrie that threading may be a better option especially me being in radio and needing to talk and have no down time really.

After just getting braces my uneven lip was even more noticeable to me. That's OK we all have insecurities and it's OK to use some of the state of the art and new processes to do so. Threading is one of them, and after researching realized it was the best way to go.

Carrie happens to own a Med Spa in town so she was a perfect person to get a consult with and then the process done. Allante Life in Boise is where I went and at first like any treatment you can get nervous or scared but thankfully it was quick although not completely painless so be ready for that, but as they say pain is beauty.

I instantly saw the results which being a person who loves instant gratification this was exactly what I wanted.





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