Usually we love being at the top of lists right? Well, not this time. found out which states have the fastest and slowest internet in 2020 based on over 3,000,000 tests. Check out the full report here.

the slowest internet, based on our speed tests:

  1. Alaska (20.6 Mbps)
  2. Montana (30.1 Mbps)
  3. Maine (30.8 Mbps)
  4. Idaho (30.9 Mbps)
  5. Wyoming (33.3 Mbps)
  6. South Dakota (33.3 Mbps)
  7. Iowa (35.8 Mbps)
  8. Arkansas (37.3 Mbps)
  9. Mississippi (37.9 Mbps)
  10. Hawaii (38.1 Mbps)

So next time your Sex and the City, Deadliest Catch, or latest binge worthy show takes forever to load, its not just you, your neighbor and their neighbor is dealing with the same thing. Always remember, it could be worse, you could be in Alaska, which was ranked #1 for the worst internet speed. I can say that is abundantly true. I lived there for almost 5 years and while the summer is for exploring and enjoying. The winter is hibernation time and when decent internet speeds are needed. Lets just say there is a reason that Anchorage was one of the last places to have a blockbuster. Streaming was too hard.

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If you want to be envious here are the states with the fastest internet, based on our speed tests:

  1. Maryland (84.1 Mbps)
  2. Delaware (80.9 Mbps)
  3. New Jersey (76.3 Mbps)
  4. D.C. (75.2 Mbps)
  5. Virginia (74.5 Mbps)
  6. Rhode Island (74.5 Mbps)
  7. Massachusetts (73.6 Mbps)
  8. Colorado (70.9 Mbps)
  9. Washington (67.3 Mbps)
  10. California (67.2 Mbps)

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