LendingTree, a leading online lending marketplace, recently released a comprehensive report showcasing the most expensive towns in America. This report highlights the staggering cost of living in specific exclusive communities nationwide. Drawing on data from the U.S. Census Bureau and LendingTree's own platform, the study provides a fascinating glimpse into the real estate landscape of the United States.

A town in Idaho made the list. Where do you think it was? 

The study also highlights the significant income disparity in these towns, where the median household income can be several times higher than the national average. This vast wealth concentration contributes to the high property values and cost of living in these areas.

The nation’s most expensive towns are often popular vacation spots for affluent individuals who might not make their money locally and can afford to spend significant sums on homes. These types of buyers can buy up a town’s limited housing supply and drive up home prices in doing so, making housing difficult to afford for locals who aren’t high income earners.

Out of the top 10 on their list of "America's Most Expensive Towns," you're going to see 9 of them are in the midwest & western part of the country. The data in this study comes from the U.S. Census Bureau 2021 American Community Survey (with five-year estimates). For this analysis, LendingTree used micropolitan-level data for areas with populations between 10,000 and 50,000 to approximate town-level data.

Once you see the comparison to some of the metro cities they've compared these small towns to, you're going to be shocked.

10 Most Expensive Towns in America Include Idaho Town.

The home value-to-income ratio was calculated for each town and metro by dividing an area’s median home value by its median household income. The larger the ratio, the more expensive homes are relative to an area’s median income.

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Just north of Hailey, this condo was on the market earlier this year and was the most expensive condo in the market in Idaho.

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As of February 3, this gorgeous condo in Ketchum is the most expensive condo on the market in Idaho. It's absolutely gorgeous, but do you think the asking price is right?

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