What do you think it would smell like if Idaho was a candle? 

Well, let's talk about that. You can't only come up with one single candle to describe the scent of Idaho. You'll come across so many different scents just while driving a couple of hours through Idaho. Imagine if you went through the entire state. 

From Southwest Idaho to Coeur d'Alene, you'll smell alfalfa, mint, huckleberry, onions, and manure. With all of the construction going on throughout the Idaho highways, I'm sure you will come across the smell of tar, concrete, and sweaty construction workers. 

Of course, if you're driving anywhere near Nampa, Idaho, you will smell the sugar beet factory, and that's a distinct smell. It's a smell I remember from Scottsbluff, Nebraska when I lived there. 

According to Idahowax.com, they have come up with fifteen different candles that would describe Idaho best. Some of them include Blue Collar, Californians, Idaho, and Overrated. (Keep scrolling to see all of their candles)

What would it smell if you could come up with one scent for the state of Idaho or just a part of Idaho? 

Making custom at home, you'll need to combine your essential oils into the wax. I am curious to know how these folks created these custom Idaho scents, but they did. 

It doesn't look like Idahowax.com has priced these items yet, but what do you think the cost for one of these candles would cost? I wonder if these will ever make it to a store near us!? Let's look at their candles and what they smell like. 

Idaho Wax Idaho Scented Candles

This is not a real company. I've created Idaho Wax to create these specific scents after seeing a discussion online.

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