I am sooooooooooooo excited about this!! Have you heard about Sprouts Market?! It is amazing and it looks like it may be coming to the Treasure Valley!!


We have just about everything here, but there are two stores that I have missed from back in my Salt Lake City days, Sprouts Farmer's Market and IKEA. I don't think we'll be getting an IKEA here any time soon, but according to the Idaho Statesman, Albertsons is in talks to merge with Sprouts Farmer's Market and add them to their portfolio!!


If you have never been to Sprouts (the closest locations are in Utah) then you are missing out! You get amazing deals on great quality produce, plus they have lots of organic foods, kind of like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, and they have a great bulk section where you can get harder to find items like chunky flaked coconut. Even my 8 year old daughter often comments on how she misses Sprouts because we could get the best berries, peppers, fruits, and veggies.


They are just in the early discussion stages between Albertsons and Sprouts Farmer's Market, so nothing is final or clear yet, but just the possibility makes me really excited!