When you live in a remote area, access to health care is hard to get to. Wouldn't it be nice if the doctor can come to you? Well, now it can. Sort of. St. Luke's hospital has launched their new "virtual hospital" service called, 'St. Luke's Virtual Care Center'. According to KTVB, this new service is for patients who live in under-served communities be able to get "access to Idaho's top specialty and emergency providers without actually having to make a trip to Boise."

The "hospital" will be located in the former Washington Group Plaza (right across the street from the WOW 104.3 studios), and will be staffed by a medical team of up to 350 people! So how will they be able to communicate from hundreds of miles away? The telemedicine team will be using equipment like two-way cameras and remote monitoring equipment with a focus on clinical consultations, hospital consultations, and home monitoring. You can read more about the program HERE.



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