There's nothing wrong taking a little vacation - and staying right here in Boise! It's one of the best cities in America to do just that!

Source: WalletHub

Sure, getting away is always fun and adventurous,'s not always economically feasible. Enter the "stay-cation" where you take time off from work, but stay right here in the Treasure Valley and explore things you may never have done or seen!

According to the website WalletHub, Boise is among the top 25 cities in America to enjoy a staycation. Boise comes in at number 22 on a list that includes cities that you may think would be ranked higher than the Treasure Valley, but no!

Boise has a real variety of things to do. From cultural to outdoor activities, Boise seems to have a little something for just about everyone. Great restaurants and night life, local wineries....and...we're short day trips away from areas like Payette Lake and McCall, Sun Valley, Redfish Lake and the Stanley Basin.

So if you're feeling the budget crunch and a family vacation in Barbados just ain't gonna happen, take heart, and start putting together an agenda of activities to do around the Treasure Valley!

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