Steven Curtis Chapman dropped a new song called "Together We'll Get Through This" with country artists Brad Paisley and Lauren Alaina, along with Tasha Cobbs Leonard. The song is raising money for COVID-19 related causes and Chapman shared on The Bobby Bones Show that he wrote the song to bring people together and to be a light during this really dark time.

As for how Chapman got Paisley on the track, he says it started with a shared love of Glen Campbell during a tribute show. Chapman and Paisley shared a dressing room together when they were both performing at a Glen Campbell tribute concert. They bonded over their love of Glen Campbell and his music. Fast forward to this year, Chapman knew he wanted other artists on this special song and thought Paisley was a perfect fit. Paisley was the first one Chapman reached out to and when he saw Paisley's reply 'bubbles' pop up, he totally started geeking out. But that geeking out only intensified when Paisley said he was totally in to do the song.

In talking with Bobby Bones, Chapman shared the story behind how he has three names 'Steven Curtis Chapman.' He said that there was already another gospel artist by the name of Steven Chapman, and when he first came to Nashville people were already getting them confused. So before he recorded his first album, he started calling himself 'Steven Curtis Chapman.' Now, he calls himself Steven Curtis because he's so used to the name.

During all of his years in music, Chapman said that two of his favorite people to meet and interact with were Glen Campbell and Ricky Skaggs. Both of which were actually fans of Chapman, too and that made him extremely happy during their first interactions.

Chapman's career has a long list of success accompanied by awards that line the studio in his house. However, there is one regret Chapman confessed to having and that's with his old hairstyles. He told Bones that his Real Life Conversations album cover is his most regrettable. He had a mullet at the time and he still wonders to this day why none of his loved ones pulled him aside and told him to cut it.