We went from sunshine with temperatures creeping up into the 70's to cloudy skies and now this.  It's raining cats and dogs this morning with no sign of things easing up soon which means plenty of people driving into work with their idiot cards.  I'd love to say you know who you are but that's part of the problem.  They don't.  They have no idea they don't make adjustments when we get snow, wind, rain or any of Mother Nature's gift and these are the people you should be looking out for this morning.

Rain and a small chance of snow will continue here in the Treasure Valley throughout today with a high of 55.  According to Weather.com we'll have more cloudy skies tomorrow with rain and snow and highs will drop down to 49.  We have a 50% chance of rain on Friday with highs at 50 and the weekend starts drying up a bit with highs about the same.  Partly cloudy skies this weekend.

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