Idaho has amazing homes all over the place, and even some really unique ones, but I don’t think I’ve seen one quite as unique as this one before.

I first heard about the house from For 91 Days, who rightfully called it, “The Craziest House in Idaho.”

For 91 Days went on a tour through the house and this is what they said …

“It looks as though someone coated a normal two-story house in super glue, then dumped the contents of a well-stocked second-hand store on top of it. And then left it to rust and age for twenty years.”

So, the questions still remain, is this an old house that belongs to a crazy person? Is it an antique shop? Or was it created to be exactly what it is right now – just a fascinating attraction in Idaho that people find out about and want to go see? Or maybe all of these things?

With a little extra digging, I was able to find out that this is actually a legit antique store in Idaho City, called BoCo Sluice Box.

I mean, it’s incredibly random, but I love it. There’s gotta be an interesting story behind this for sure, and that’s one of the things I love most about Idaho – there’s a rich and creative history and there are always new things to check out and learn about.

Here are some awesome pictures of the BoCo Sluice Box.

Is this the strangest house in Idaho? See for yourself!

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