A 6-month-old puppy is dead after eating a toxic mushroom. This is what you need to know to keep your dogs safe.

Mike Feiger never imagined he would lose his dog like this. Logan, was in a kennel with two other dogs at his home in Idaho City when he ate the mushroom.

Logan's owner told KTVB he has never seen the Amanita pantherina, the deadliest mushroom in this area, in the 11 years he's lived in Idaho City.

When Logan's owner came back from lunch he noticed his puppy seemed disoriented and he assumed that she had gotten into some chemicals. He says within thirty minutes she couldn't stand, was convulsing, and appeared to be having a seizure.

2 1/2 hours later Logan was dead. Logan's owner later noticed the mushroom in her kennel.

The deadly mushroom is usually found in mountainous areas. It's much more rare to see them down in the valley, but this is a good lesson to just make sure you are aware of what is in your yard and to pay attention when you go hiking and camping. No word yet on if these mushrooms have affected other dogs in the area.

Here's how you can identify these deadly mushrooms according to mushroomexpert.com

  • They have brown caps covered with white "warts."
  • A collar-like roll of veil tissue at the top of the base of the stem.
  • They can be sticky when fresh