The Boise River is high, fast and dangerous this year. The Boise PD want you to be safe and share these tips with your kids!

Much of the Greenbelt has already been closed for several weeks, but now that schools are starting to get out for the summer months, officials are worried about kids getting into predicaments where water is concerned.

The Boise PD is asking parents to make sure your kids understand they need to stay off the Greenbelt and should NOT be entering the river for ANY reason. Don't let them wade or wander through those areas that are under water in parks, roadways or parking lots.

They also have a list of things to go over with your kids:

Safety tips: Also, this summer, please go over the following safety tips with your children.  We hope you have a fun and safe summer vacation.

  • When home alone, lock your doors and windows. If you don’t have air conditioning and want fresh air, insert a modified stick or dowel in the window sill. This will permit the window to open only a few inches, but not enough for someone to enter the house. No one wants to be surprised by an uninvited visitor.
  • Be wary of solicitors at the door or on the phone. During the summer days, many solicitors approach homes. This allows a potential robber to look inside your home, evaluate your belongings, and note if you are alone. Never say you are by yourself. State that your parents are napping, busy, or working in the backyard. Remember that you do not have to open the door and never give out personal information. Solicitors must carry identification to certify who they work for and contact information.  If someone is lurking around call 911.
  • Establish “house rules” on computer use, whether it be on social media sites or online gaming:  guard your privacy, protect your reputation, nothing is private online, assume everyone is watching, apply the golden rule, watch the clock, choose wisely, don’t hide, think about what you see, be careful of what you write and how you write it, think before you post, if you wouldn’t say it in person then DON’T say it online, don’t be a bystander, see something, say something, keep the evidence and report harrassment/cyberbullying, be smart and safe.
  • If bicycling around town, watch for pedestrians and alert them of your presence by saying “passing on your left”. Watch for cars backing out of driveways. At corners, make sure drivers see you before crossing. Often they are looking the other way at oncoming traffic and may not realize you are there. Ride the same direction as traffic, not against it. Whether biking or boarding – wear your helmet.
  • Walk, jog, board or bike safe routes. Carry your cell phone and vary your route so you are unpredictable. This prevents someone from knowing your exact whereabouts at a set time every day. However, let your parents know your various routes in case you are missing and need to search for you. Always be aware of your surroundings. This may mean removing your headphones several times, wearing only one ear plug, or not listening to your portable player at all. Avoid shortcuts at night through parks; stay on the sidewalk or in well-lighted areas. Take your BFF or a trusted friend when exploring downtown or hiking the foothills.
  • When skate or long boarding, be aware of the “All Wheels Down” and “Dismount” zones in downtown Boise to avoid a citation. Proper equipment such as helmet, gloves, and elbow pads can prevent “road rash” when hitting sidewalk cracks or rocks.
  • Pay attention and trust your gut when you get that “uh-oh” feeling.
  • Remember there is safety in numbers, stick with your buddies, memorize your address and important phone numbers, and always remember you have the right to SAY NO, GET AWAY, TELL A TRUSTED ADULT

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Source: Boise PD Press Release

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