The annual "Trailing Of The Sheep" is coming to Sun Valley!

It's that time of the year when downtown Ketchum is overrun with sheep. Thousands of them. It's the 22nd year that the sheep have flocked to the Wood River Valley. See what I did there...sheep...and "flocked"...was that a ba-a-a-ad pun?

The annual festival is to to gather, present and preserve the history and cultures of sheep herding in Idaho and the West. Sheep herding is huge part of Idaho's heritage, and the festival provides plenty of opportunity to see why.

During the festival, there's the Sheep Folklife Fair, Sheep Tales Gathering, Sheep Jam, sheep dog trials, workshops, exhibits, lamb fest, picnic, and ....wait for it....THE BIG SHEEP PARADE! Hundreds, maybe thousands of sheep are herded right down main street in Ketchum. That's a lot of wool goin' by!

You'll also have plenty of opportunities to sample several different recipes using lamb. If you've never had a lamb chop, or lamb steak, or lamb bacon (is that a thing?) you'll find no shortage of tasty morsels during the "Trailing of the Sheep."

Not only that, you get to see Sun Valley in the fall and enjoy some beautiful Idaho scenery!

Oh...yeah! Almost forgot. It all happens October 10 - 14 in Ketchum. Have a great time!

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