The trails leading up to Table Rock are in the "worst shape" ever. According to KTVB, Ridge to Rivers, the organization that manages the popular trails, says they're just too muddy.

They're so bad, in fact, that they've been forced to close some of the trails in some areas after 10 a.m. every day. According to KTVB, the trails are still frozen in the morning, so are OK to use early in the morning.

So, what happens when you go up and see the trails look ok? Ridge to Rivers says when the trails are muddy, hikers tend to walk on the side of the trail potentially killing vegetation and making them wider. The wider the trails get, the organization says, "they become like little roads and they’re difficult to maintain so we see more erosion with a wider trail.”

Unfortunately, despite closure signs, hikers are still making their way up. If that continues, Ridge to Rivers says it could make it a "citable offense."

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